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A Volunteer’s Life

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I recently volunteered to help with the opening of Al Wakra Stadium, Thursday 16th May 2019.

It’s very impressive! It was inaugurated with the Emir Cup Final held between Al Saad and Al Duhail.

Tips for Being A Volunteer

More then 70% of your time will be standing around waiting. So you must be VERY patient!

When you have something to do, the sudden burst of activity after a long period of inactivity can hurt! So you MUST be fit and healthy.

Leave your ‘attitude’ at home! You will be volunteering with a wonderful group of people, making some great new friends and enjoying all the ‘highs and lows’ together.

Be prepared to put everyone else first! You are volunteering to help in anyway that you can, so be prepared to do almost anything that you can.


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