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Clean Electricity – Myth or Fact?

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Elon Musk unveiled the new Tesla Model 3 yesterday. A beautiful piece of technological innovation. Let’s not forget Fisker either!

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I remember, as a child, being promised an all electric future with ZERO pollution. Unfortunately that has not materialised and electric cars are only just being pushed as a serious alternative to the combustion engine. Great! About time too! But what impact is that going to have slowing the pollution to the air that we breathe?

It is a scientific fact that once polluted, the pollution cannot be ‘cleaned’ or neutralised. All we can really do with it is to move it somewhere else. Removing it from the air is no easy task, so better to SLOW down the pollution until we reach a point when we are no longer pumping pollution in to the environment.

So how do electric cars affect this? Well, it is estimated by some studies that cars contribute more than HALF of the overall air pollution of Nitrogen Oxides and Carbon Monoxides. These are pretty lethal gasses. If that’s not enough, cars also contributed about a 25% of all hydrocarbons in the atmosphere (burned and un-burned).

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So from this we can understand that the combustion engine is a very serious threat to our health.

Even if we are able to replace all of the combustion engines in every single car, where exactly is the electricity to charge and power them going to come from?

Dealing with only one part of the equation is only half of the issue (or a quarter of the issue depending on which pollutant you are concentrating on)!

Many countries are now beginning to understand this and Portugal is leading the way in clean energy generation in order to address the other side of the equation. All in all things are looking up.

There are also other initiatives such as ‘free’ solar panels being offered int he UK with a ‘Feed-in Tariff’ that pays households for unused electricity. Cool!

The only thing we need now, is for the price of the electric cars to come down, a greater number of charging stations, and a fall in the unit charge at the charging station!

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