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CREED II – It’s all kicking off for Rocky fans!

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Rumour has it that struggling ‘bit-part’ actor Sylvester Stallone wrote the script for Rocky in only 3 days! Since then, the film has spawned 6 (yes SIX) sequels and a new legacy – ‘Creed‘. The whole story almost rivals the Star Wars saga!

Rocky fans know the whole ‘down on his luck’ boxer who gets the chance of a lifetime to fight the Undisputed Heavy Weight Champion of the World, Apollo Creed. You win some, lose some, and by the time the movie Rocky Balboa hit the screens the relationship between Balboa and Creed had become the stuff of legends. Incidentally, Stallone claims to have been inspired by the real-life boxer and Heavy Weight Champion of the World James J Braddock (you can see his life story in the movie Cinderella Man starring Russell Crowe and RenĂ©e Zellweger).

Rather than attempt a ‘reboot’ or remake Creed is an attempt at introducing an old story to a new generation, a bit like ‘Star Trek – The Next Generation’.

Having introduced Adonis Johnson the son of Apollo Creed, the film Creed II introduces the son of another vanquished nemesis – Viktor Drago… if you can’t guess who his father is then you are either too young or not a Rocky fan!

Stallone and Michael B. Jordan reprise their roles as mentor and antagonist student, respectively, while Florian Munteanu is introduced as the son of the once vanquished Ivan Drago. And what could be even more thrilling and exciting for Rocky fans than an appearance by the huge Swede himself?!

The film is the usual dance (I’ll stop short of calling it a ballad) of relationship struggles, anxieties and fears, while playing on the history of the previous Balboa – Creed – Drago axis of boxing.

It’s not one for the Oscars, but Rocky fans and sport fans will love this one!

I wonder if Clubber Lang (aka Mr T) and his son will be back for Creed III?!


Here’s a breakdown of the whole saga!

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