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DARK PHOENIX – A bit ‘fast n furious’, but nicely closed off!

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Previous X-Men movies, sequels & prequels alike, have delivered tales of extraordinary super-human abilities obtained through the genetic mutation of mankind. They have largely delivered because the stories and plots were worked really well and made the characters all the more identifiable with our own daily stresses and struggles for justice in the things that we do, and probably in how we see ourselves too.

The story and the plot develop very quickly – quicker than in all other X-Men movies which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What it does do is keep you interested right up to the last scene. What this lacks in character development, it makes up for in plot and storyline; maybe a bit weak, but it is quite exciting. But on the downside, it does make the whole movie feel a bit rushed – particularly in the final scenes, so much so that it’s actually a bit difficult to see what’s going on!


If there were as much effort put into the story and plot development as there was into the CGI then this could have been another blockbuster in the ‘X’ series. As it is, the series signs off with a bit of a whimper and disappointment. Is this really the end of Jean Grey, a character that continually promised so much throughout the whole X series and just not delivered? This movie also undermines the entire series. So essentially Fox has completely rubbished and thrown away the whole story and plot development of the X-Men in favour of this newly sanitised beginning. X-Men fans will not like this!

If you’re looking for closure, then it’s there. As a ‘standalone’ movie this works well. It completely fails as part of the X series.

Rumour has it that this will be the final ending and not just another alternate. If you’re looking for excitement, twists and character development to complete a circle, then don’t hold your breath. It is worth seeing, and this brings the whole series nicely to an end. Hopefully this time, messers Xavier and Lensherr will remain in and enjoy their retirement?

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  1. Great review and a very entertaining analysis.β˜ΊπŸ‘ I do agree with everything you have said. The movie is quite fast paced, but it’s a good one time watch. I am sad that it might be last one in the X men series.

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