What is ‘super’ about this new European Super League? Is it super thrilling to watch? Has the format of the game changed to be even more super than it is now? Is it a collection of the richest clubs forming a new clique? Here is one of my favourite comments about the emerging situation:

Many of us don’t have enough information to comment sensibly on the proposed ESL plans, but the above tweet, although seemingly comical, makes a valid point. It perfectly reflects what football has already become.

The hysteria appears to have been whipped up by the very organisations that are now threatening to impose sanctions on clubs and players. Here’s the irony; the very organisations set up to protect the interests of players and fans, the very reason football exists, are now threatening the players and by extension the fans!

How about the collective ire of these organisations be directed at the very people who held secret negotiations and made decisions without consulting club staff and fans instead? Is this not a perfect example of how owners have failed the ‘Fit & Propper’ test? Or is the ‘Fit & Propper’ test so weak and vague in its conception, that everyone whom it is applied to passes in order to substantiate a poorly conceived attempt by The PL at self-validation?


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