This is my top 5 list of extraordinary people. I know there are more extraordinary people in the world, but this is a matter of opinion. Some others that I consider to be extraordinary are Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Bjorn Borg, William Shakespeare, JFK, Salah Ud-Din, but I want to keep the list short!

Feel free to leave a comment to share who your extraordinary people are!

Muhammad Ali

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Interviewer: “How does it feel to be the smartest man alive”?

Einstein: “I don’t know… you will have to ask Nikola Tesla“.

Albert Einstein


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Billie Jean King

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6 thoughts on “Extraordinary People

  1. Muhammad Ali has to be greatest achiever of all time? Not only was he focused on his goals, he had great charisma and humour, two vital components of a great personality. Out of the ring, he was as determined to progress the holy grail of American politics, equality for all Afro Americans.
    Wasn’t he named by the BBC as the greatest personality of the 20th century?

  2. JFK? Debateable. As a politician he didn’t really enact any great social policies and had a terrible foreign policy. Cuba!
    He was good at marketing his image.

  3. I was asked an interesting question: why don’t scientist believe in God? Afterall, they are discovering just how awesome the universe is.
    The short answer is that in the same way that creationists ask the question ‘how did a universe create itself from nothing?’ scientists ask ‘how did a god create himself from nothing?’ touché!

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