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Flying Pigs! (A really bad experience with Pegasus Airlines)!

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OK, not quite. But please note that the official abbreviation for Pegasus Airlines is FLYPGS… which is only one letter away from FLY PIGS, which to be honest you might as well do rather than fly with Pegasus!
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The ONLY frill is a smile if you’re lucky when you board. But that’s OK because this is a BUDGET airline.
I am only 5 ft 7″ and I struggled to find a comfortable sitting position due to the lack of leg room. But that’s OK because this is a budget airline.

The seat cushions were so badly worn, that when I sat down I was sitting on the metal frame of the seat. But that’s OK because this is a budget airline.

Refreshments on the flight were overpriced (yes to you have to buy them in-flight). But that’s OK because this is a budget airline.

At check-in, I was charged 54gbp for 3 KG excess baggage. I tried to pay using my charge card. I was informed that the machine was broken and that my card hadn’t been charged, so I had to pay cash…. you know what I’m about to say! My card HAD been charged, and to date (approximately 1 month after the flight) I am still arguing with Pegasus (via email only as they don’t offer a phone number for Customer Service). They didn’t provide me with a CASH RECEIPT (because their system wasn’t able to provide one). So here I am feeling completely ‘conned’, disappointed and furious. I could have put the money that they frauded out of me towards a different airline…. an honest airline with responsive Customer Service who have a ‘person’ you can deal with directly instead of this faceless dishonest airline.

I arrived at my destination absolutely shattered. It was the most uncomfortable experience of my life.

I very strongly suggest you do some research and find a budget airline that provides a ‘face’ and ‘real people’ for Customer Service instead of this faceless dehumanised budget airline.

I strongly recommend that you NOT fly with young children – this airline is NOT friendly let alone ‘child’ friendly.

If you must fly with them, insist on a CASH receipt for everything, or record the transaction with your phone cam, and take your own refreshments with you.

To be honest, I recommend that you avoid Pegasus altogether. Pay a few extra $$ for a much more comfortable and honest airline!

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