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Guilty Body Language?

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I’m struck with the following image:

We’ve all seen just how emotional Amanda Knox has been. She has cried in almost every court appearance she has made throughout her trial, and she has cried almost non-stop since being released. But then considering what she has been through perhaps we can understand why she would be so tearful and put it down to emotions.

But what do those emotions mean, and how are they demonstrated in body language? If a picture can tell a thousand words, then this particular picture is definitely telling us something. The hand gesture shown in this picture is a classic. It is a clear indication that the person is not asking, but ‘pleading’ for something from the observers. It also demonstrates a very high amount of anxiety.

So what could this person be pleading for? The typical pleading hand gesture is a clear indication as a plead for forgiveness. Although the words spoken at the time of the picture being taken were anything but, the body language indicates a clear plead and desire for forgiveness for some past act. Just what that act was only she can know. Coupled with the tears, the body language here clearly demonstrates a deep remorse for some past action, and then the hands indicate a clear beg for forgiveness. Putting two and two together, i may well be coming up with five – but years of psychological study have taught us many lessons and given us a clear insight to the way that humans behave, and betray themselves through body language.

I wish her luck with her future, and hope that the true victim rests in peace.

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