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Hypocrisy, duplicity – RACISM

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It sickens me! The outpouring of sympathy for the French is nothing short of hypocritical, duplicitous, two-faced, biased, prejudiced, racism!
France and England have been to war almost 40 – YES FORTY times! Historically and culturally the French and English despise each other. And yet I have never witnessed the English showing so much sympathy to any nation in our history. We didn’t even show this much sympathy to the USA over 9/11.
When ISI started slaughtering thousands of Christians in Iran nobody flew a flag for Iran. When ISI became ISIS and slaughtered thousands in Syria nobody flew a flag for Syria. Nobody flew a flag for Pakistan, Kenya, Saudi, Kuwait, Dubai, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt. Is it ok to ignore those attacks? These countries never went to war against us, so why didn’t we stand by them in their time of need? Does history start now? Is it because ‘white’ people have now been attacked? Why didn’t we care about the blood spilt earlier? Why does it matter now?
Why do you need ‘me’ to speak up against ISIS? Are you so insecure that you can’t make your own mind up regarding ISIS?!! Can you not figure out for yourself that they are a group of right-wing, racist, biased and prejudiced idiots who peddle hatred and division. At least they do it openly and don’t ask anyone for validation! If you peddle any kind of hatred against an entire religion based on the action of ISIS then understand that YOU ARE ON THEIR SIDE!
I have been telling people for years that if you remain silent then you are a part of the problem and now its landed straight in your lap! Too late for my sympathy… because this could have and should have been prevented!
I have been posting anti-ISIS posts for the last two years, and at best I have 4 likes on any one article. Now the whole world and his dog is chanting anti-ISIS slogans as if ISIS have only just materialised from nowhere!
Yes I am sickened by this hypocrisy… it’s just as bad as the ignorance and hatred peddled by right-wingers and extremists.

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