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Kettle… Pot… Black!

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America and it’s GCC Allies, plus Egypt, The Maldives and the Philipines have accused Qatar of funding terrorism and thus closed borders and stopped doing business with Qatar:

Take a look at the following map to get some idea of the scale of Qatar :

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I consider myself VERY lucky to be living in Qatar. It has to be the FRIENDLIEST and most welcoming country on the planet (besides Canada, and maybe a few others that i don’t have experience of). I’ve been here, with my family, for 11 years and we’ve had a great time, enjoyed a wonderful standard of living and are very happy. The schools here are great (not all of them, but on the whole), and our children are excelling far more than i ever did at school.

All of the above countries have not only ejected Qatari Nationals from their lands (including expelling Qataris who were performing Umrah at the time), but also placed a ban on their own nationals travelling to and or living/working in Qatar.

Now, let’s consider a few facts:

  1. Saudi Arabia is held responsible for funding Al Qaeeda and the 9/11 attacks ( );
  2. 15 of the 19 9/11 terrorists were Saudi Nationals (although this is a disputable fact);
  3. It is illegal in the GCC countries (EXCEPT Qatar) to speak against the Government ( );
  4. Bahrain kills and imprisons demonstrators with impunity (see above link);
  5. The USA has harboured and funded The IRA for over 40 years ( ).

I’m sure there are many more abuses too.

So where do the allegations come from? They are simply based on the fact that Qatar has opened offices in Doha for The Talliban and The Muslim Brotherhood. Their attitude is one of dialog rather than flat out carpet bombing of a country with which it may have a dispute. In my opinion that is an extremely mature and the only correct response to someone with whom you may have a disagreement.

There are also allegations that Qatar has close ties and a good relationship with Iran. Qatar shares the North Field (the biggest gas field in the world) with Iran. It doesn’t make sense for Qatar not to have a good relationship with them.

Qatar’s response has been very measured, restrained and above all highly dignified. They have not ejected any nationality from Qatar, and instead keep reminding us all that every national is welcome to Qatar and that nobody will be ejected. They have also asked and requested (please note they have NOT INSISTED) that everyone restrain from using social media to defame those countries. They are urging everyone to remain clam, collected and dignified.

Qatar’s actions and dignity are a model for all governments and politicians around the world.

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2 thoughts on “Kettle… Pot… Black!

  1. I am so impressed with Qatar’s response. America is the biggest hypocrite on the planet, but what do you expect from THAT country!!!!

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