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Windows 1803 Update Errors…

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Well, it happens. Things go wrong. Writing an Operating System is an incredibly complex project. Although we hate to admit it, we all love using Win10… but only when it works!

Windows 10 build 1709 is perhaps everyone’s favourite as it – well, it just works! And it’s stable!

Unfortunately, I was lucky enough to have received the update to build 1803 which errored and got me into an ever decreasing circle of downloads and reboots. I must have received every error code Microsoft has ever created!

0x80246007 SUS_E_DM_NOTDOWNLOADED KB2509997
0x80248007 SUS_E_DS_NODATA KB2509997
0x80248011 SUS_E_DS_UNABLETOSTART KB883821

So after following every solution offered by MS and youtube videos to tech tutorials, I finally figured out why it was giving me so much greif! It all boiled down to SYMLINKS!

I have a small SSD – 240gb – on to which I installed Win10. I then redirected my onedrive to my secondary 1tb HDD. Because i share my PC with my wife and 3 children (loving husband, doting father scenario), the SSD filled up quite quickly so i decided to use my tech-savvy skills to resolve the issue by setting up hard symlinks instead of ‘splashing the cash’.

Setting up symlinks isn’t difficult, and it ought NOT to be a technical bottleneck. BUT MS in their infinite wisdom refuse to work with symlinks – so having set them up and moved GBs worth of data you will find that updates and upgrades will all fail.


The only way to resolve the situation is to delete the links (hard and or soft), nodes and junctions, move all of the data back to where it ought to be and then upgrade. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY AROUND IT… as far as I know UNLESS those wonderful people at MS who love hearing from us and taking our feedback into consideration start to work with hard/soft links and nodes/junctions as if they were a supported part of the operating system.

2 thoughts on “Windows 1803 Update Errors…

  1. I enjoyed reading this, despite the complicated technical terms splattered all over. You have a clear and concise way of explaining things ( a talent that you could perhaps apply in daily matters too). I must admit I found i to be a wonderfully informative read! For a layman like me, I was reading ‘nodes’ and thinking of Lymph Nodes, ‘Soft links’ reminded me of soft drinks..and junctions…well we all know what junctions are!
    I am absolutely certain that with a bit more technical know how anyone will benefit from this article, especially if they have had the misfortune of receiving the update to build 1803.
    Having said that, based on your account, one should hope, never to get that lucky!

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment! I’m happy it wasn’t too technical!
      Hope you enjoy the rest of my blog too!

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